Our Fashionista of the Month for this July is Rashonda Jefferson-Harris, who is working as Assistant Director Cost Analysis & Compliance in Philadelphia, USA.  She is now happily married, let us hear what she can share to every fashionistas out there.

LC: What do you think is your great contribution in the world, or shall I say your achievements that will stand you out from ‘just a fashionista’ from the rest?

RJH: My ability to sent fashion trends from my unique subtle send of individuality.

LC: Do you believe that Fashionistas doesn’t know about anything but looks and fashion?

RJH: No I believe that a fashionista knows about both. In my opinion, a true

fashionista not only knows about fashion and looks, but she has the ability to represent her individuality through her everyday fashion.

LC: Is there anything that you want to point out in Fashion Industry or with other Fashion enthusiast that you agree or not agree with?

RJH: Lady Ga Ga happens to come to mind. I agree with her attempt to stand alone in her unique style however, I think that her style is too loud and flashy. I prefer glamorous to flashy.

LC: Who is your Favorite Fashion Icon? Why?

RJH: One of my favorite designers is Marc Jacobs. I happen to like Marc’s designs because he happens to have a nice mix of flash and glam. Sometimes I like to be flashy, but mostly glam.

LC: What about Charity vs Highly Expensive Girl Stuff, what’s your view about it?

RJH: I think that charity is necessary, and highly expensive girl stuff should be given based on the givers ability to afford the items.

LC: What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

RJH: My Marc Jacobs bag which I stalked from it’s original prices of $3000 and got it on sale for $1000. It was an early bird sale in NY! (That is cool spirit of fashion, hey! LOL – Ed.)

LC: What inspired you to be into Fashion? (Or Fashionable?)

RJH: My inspiration is a part of my personality. Since a young child, I’ve always been adventurous with my choice in clothing, shoes and so on.

LC: What is your style? (Chic? Punk? Casual? Rugged?)… Why? What influenced your style?

RJH: My style is Chic all the way. I am a very girly girl. I love to dress and feel like a girl!

LC: Any Great Dream or Fashion Dream or you want to achieve in the future?

RJH: My fashion dream would be to see a style trend started by me being worn by someone in Hollywood. (Now, that is a true fashionista! – Ed.)

LC: Message for aspiring fashionistas out there? If you have something to plug or promote like business, blogs, or shows, you can have the privilege to do it here when you’re selected.

RJH: My message from aspiring fashionista is to never let your individuality fade. Always be yourself!

temple.edu/controller/costanalysis/index.html (work)
edwardbokvocational.ning.com/ (personal)

There you have it, Rashonda, the fashion representative of Phillies to LFTFFG!(Latest Fashion Girl from a Fashion Girl – Lyndsay Cabildo) . I hope I made up for my late JULY featuring, eh? I think I did. 😀

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