Fashionista of the Month: FEBRUARY


Our Fashionista of the Month for February is Ms. Catherine Laurice O. Ferrer (CLOF), 26, BS- Hotel Restaurant Management Graduate from a reputable exclusive catholic school for girls in Manila. Fashion Boutique owner of “HAPPY2beFUB” and an Investor/Manager of a Classy Bar “Paseo de Bahamas”, both located in the Philippines. Let’s hear what she has to say…

LC:You really are a fashionista in any sense, why do you think you are drawn into fashion?

CLOF:Because fashion is almost half of my life, its the thing I always enjoy doing, a hobby and I think having to express yourself in that way makes me comfortable,its like my own vitamins and secret in LIFE why i become more happy now.

LC:How often do you shop?

CLOF:3x a week. depends on the mood.

LC:Are you a compulsive shopper or practical shopper?

CLOF:I think BOth, because its how I can enjoy what I shop and be comfortable about it.

LC:What do you think of Designer Clothes and Apparels?

CLOF:They are so great, good quality, and very classy!

LC:Who’s your favorite Fashion Designer?

CLOF:I must say its Coco Chanel and G. Armani.

LC:What about Charity vs Highly Expensive Girl Stuff, what’s your view about it?

CLOF:Its great to have quality stuff if you can afford to buy it but sometimes WHY waste money on something you know would not benefit you. I think I should stick on fashion that will make of more sense like on how you value and how unique and classy you can carry stuff whether its expensive or not, its how you pull it together w/ Confidence. Its not really matter on how much it is, its something makes you so CONFIDENT!
(Yep, attitude girl! :D)

What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

Channel Tote Bag , LV speedy and Monogram shoes…and Lacoste.

LC:Do you have anything to plug about fashion? (like if you have fashion business, clothing botiques, accessories)

CLOF:Yeah, I have a clothing business… Its a small direct selling business “HAPPY 2beFUB” its more on my preference designs and style dress, bags, and shoes. Im just start fixing some sites for that and will keep you posted once its all done..I will do the re-launch, with the help of Ms. Lyndsay Cabildo website exclusive.

What inspired you to dress fashionably?

I think im inspired to dress up depends on my mood swings, and I think the secret to be inspired of it is YOU must be Confident and take away fears of wearing what you think makes you pretty and comforatble…YOU dont need to think of the others..THINK OF How you are for your own good..not just your doing it because you want to impress others… For me its more on how you make yourself happy about it, enjoy it … Make sure you’re impressed with your own look to share the positive vibes to others.

LC:What is your style? Chic? Punk? Casual? Rugged?… Please describe why that style?

CLOF:I think I’m more into Classy, Vintage, and Casual look, but still im not afraid of experimenting on how I know i can feel and look good. depends on my mood!

LC:Any Fashion Dream you want to achieve in the future?

CLOF: want to have a fashionbook, Cafe..
its like mixes of books, cafe and all kinds of clothing in one store…(“,) i think thats Cool.

LC:Message for aspiring fashionistas out there?

CLOF:One thing is for sure BUY what makes you happy, BUY and wear those sexy,classy,chic,sporty clothes you want…YOU can have it all, but most importantly inspire others(dare others to be different! yeah, I agree-LC)…Go for what you enjoy and I’m sure you’ll be as fab and glamorous as you are.

That was an email interview with Ms. Ferrer, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

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