Fashionista of The Month - APRIL

Our Fashionista of the Month for April is Catherine Michelle Aragoncillo, 26, but she’s known to the Fashion Industry as Mishale Aragoncillo. Does her name sounds familiar? Yep, some of the photos featured here in LFTFFG is from her, such as the Baguio Panagbenga Festival, Manila’s Beauty Caught on Cam, and Chinese New Year in the Philippines. She owns Photo and Video Services and a Modelling Agency called PINKZ.

She herself is a print-ads and ramp model in the Philippines, modelling from different companies and fashion magazines. She graduated with a degree in Tourism, from a reputable exclusive school for girls in the country’s capital, Manila.

Below are the email Q&A I sent her for this, Fashionista of the Month. You can email her at to book her to model or her Photo and Video Services. Enough for that, and enjoy what she has to say…

Fashionista of The Month – APRIL

LC: What do you think is your great contribution in the world, or shall I say your achievements that will stand you out from ‘just a fashionista’ from the rest?

MA: My greatest contribution in the world is to inspire others to feel great about themselves to stand out from the rest… We have the knowledge to renew our sense of style with seamless transition which by the way not just following trends.

LC: Do you believe that Fashionistas doesn’t know about anything but looks and fashion?

MA: Absolutely no. Fashionistas are people, they know what they know and sometimes more than what we think they know about everything… So really, we cannot judge anyone.

LC: Is there anything that you want to point out in Fashion Industry or with other Fashion enthusiast that you agree or not agree with?

MA: You don’t have to be rich to be Fashionable. If you are comfortable and beautiful you don’t need to go to Fashion Schools and pay a lot, if you can’t. You just need to know yourself. The most important thing is, be confident and you will look good in whatever you are wearing.

LC: Who is your Favorite Fashion Icon? Why?

MA: I don’t have a Fashion Icon but I love watching Fashion Related Shows like America’s Top Model, Stylista, Project Runways, etc. I get a lot of tips from them.

LC: What do you think of Designer Clothes ans Apparels?

MA: Expensive but quality. I love Tommy Hilfiger though…

LC: What was the most expensive fashion stuff you’ve ever bought?

MA: Recently, I bought a LV pouch, Victoria Secret Lingerie, and DKNY Dress shipped from the STATES.

I hope you guys enjoyed her, and she welcomes booking for her Photo/Video Service: PINKZ, and modelling jobs. See yah!

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