Fashionista or Fashionalista?

Fashionalista? Isn’t it Fashionista?  I know you might be wondering that, but yes, I didn’t spell Fashionista wrong. It is really Fashionalista.  Philippines has made the word FASHIONALISTA popular by having this patriotic t-shirt that is made by Collezione C2 headed by Creative Director Rhett Eala, a true Filipino pride.

Behind the Scenes

Okay, so let me tell you the story of the word.  It is when Collezione C2 has launched their “My Pilipinas Shirt” sporting nationalistic colors and graphics, which are mainly inspired by the Philippine Flag.  Red, White, Blue, Yellow, the 3 stars and the sun, but the most popular?  Is the Philippine Map as a logo like on a shirt!  It looks cool on a simple T-shirt and everyone has started sporting their patriotism by wearing one.  Fashionalista because wearing a shirt that looks great symbolizing the Philippine nation.

(Photos courtesy of Collezione C2)

I even heard a Spanish friend said when I asked him about what does he think about Philippines?  What stands out to his comment was “The fact that you have the coolest national T-shirt I have ever seen!”.  Wow!  That is a comment from a well traveled Spanish Photographer, Jesus Vicente.

Filipinos in the International Fashion Industry

Not to mention the fact that the shirt is being worn by foreigners abroad as well!  It is awesome to find that Philippines has set some trends when it comes to fashion.  We are not neophytes in fashion anyway from the well-known fashion designer Monique Lhuillier, to NY based handbag designer Rafe Totengco, Designer of Crispin & Basilio Collection Donny Barrios, and a lot more…  Now, you all know where the word Fashionalista came from.

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One thought on “Fashionalista in the Philippines

  1. Hello,

    I just want to know if Philippine map Logo is patented or trademark? Is it okay to include that logo to any clothing line? Thank you.

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