Are you fashionista wanna be but doesn’t know how to style yourself?  I can teach you how to style yourself without worrying to pay a single penny.  Styling isn’t that hard as most people thought, not even as expensive and extravagant as others think.  In styling, all you need to know is the personality (of who are you gonna style, yourself of even others), budget, style, and trends.

Fashion Styling 101 – Chic Module

Lesson 1: Either styling for a client or yourself, it requires that you know the personality and lifestyle of the person.  Let’s start with yourself, you can’t style other people’s if you don’t know how to yourself.  First client of yours should be yourself.

Lesson 2: Knowing your personality means knowing deeper about yourself.  Are you a sporty type? Chic? Casual?  Outgoing? Versatile? Girly?  You need to know what is it that you will choose, comfort or trend? simple or glamour?

Lesson 3: Once you know what your choices is, re-assess your wardrobe.  Recall your friends’ reaction on your former wardrobe.  Do they think it’s classy? overdress?  fashionable? Recall their comments.  If most of their comments are positive, then you’re on the right track.  However, if they do have positive comments all the time, you can still sense if they really do like it or they are just pulling your leg.  If they complimented your outfit and the sentence were followed by BUT…  Take a while to remember it and take it in consideration.

Lesson 4: Before following whatever the critics have told you, wait a minute.  Assess the critics’ fashion style, and if he/she have great fashion sense more often than not, then yes, take those comments into consideration.

Lesson 5: Also, take note of the kind of fashion that gets your attention from the magazines, TV shows, advertisements, etc.  You are reacting to it because your personality hits your instincts when seeing those styles.

Lesson 6: Budget Alert.  You don’t have to have thousands of money to buy the fashion fits for you.  Always save for SALE!   Discipline yourself not to buy anything when it’s not on sale when it is not necessary.  Sales drop their prices from 50%-70% every summer.  You can also get great fashion and brand new stuff from the flea market at the price of bargain, just be patient to look for a great deals and wait for sale.  Online shops also have some great offers everytime, and sometimes have exclusive online deals that you don’t want to miss.

Lesson 7: You don’t have to follow all the items listed on the trends list in one outfit, that is overkill! LOL  Great if you have all them but don’t wear it at the same time.

Lesson 8: Mix and Match.  Learn how to mix and match,  your old slim long top with amazing looking cardigan, plus leggings and few accessories.  Colors and prints, balance your styling by matching bold to simple ones.  This rules applies from head to toe(I mean make-up, accessories, bags, and shoes.  Even nail polish!).

Lesson 9: The easiest way to start styling yourself is, choosing your icon.  Whether celebrity, famous personality, or someone you know…  That person that you admire for sense of style?  Pattern your style from his/hers a bit.  Do not copy everything, just get the idea of the style and do it your way.  You can choose more than one, so you can interchange the style everytime you do.

Lesson 10: It takes time.  Yep, it takes time to perfect it but sooner or later you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll see…  Soon, you’ll be styling with your own style and maybe you’ll be the next advisor for someone else’s style needs!  Goodluck!

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