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Fashion People are one of those influential crowd in the world, from making the trend of the season big to everything commercial, people tend to follow their set of trends.  The good news is that these fashion people know that they have influence and they are now using it for good intention.

To save our world!  Yes, everyone should be concern preserving our mother earth.  We have to be reminded that if we don’t act now we will suffer the consequences.  Consequences that most of us does not seem to care.  I reckon I wasn’t an environmentalist but I must say I am a responsible citizen of the world.  Being involved with events concerning environment and hanging around people that are truly in love with preserving nature, I have gained knowledge and understood the importance of what they are doing.  I, myself has become one of the hands of God to try and reach people how a simple things can help our earth.

Fashion people such as Giselle Bundchen and fashion designers are now making their way to help.  Listen why we have to and act.  We were told about this as early as elementary school, we know why, we know how, so why not start acting out part?  The best time to do so is, NOW.

Be Fashionable, Be Green!

These are simple things you can make to help our environment and still be fashionable….

  1. Use green bag when shopping. It does not necessarily color green, but bring your own shopping bag when shopping.  You’ll save plastic bag waste if you do this everyday, it is widely used in Europe and Western countries…even fashion people does this.
  2. Refuse Plastic Bag. Refusing a plastic bag when buying little stuff can help reduce our plastic waste.  Plastics are non-biodegradable and hazardous to health so refuse to use it as much as you can.
  3. Reuse. Reusing plastic bags, bottles, containers if you have tons of them rather than just chucking them away.  Use them as your garbage bag, or to wrap something you don’t want to get wet, etc…  Reusing is recycling.
  4. Recycle. Recycling garbage is another.  Did you know that there are young fashion enthusiast out there that has made money out of recycling?  Some uses plastic bottles to make a fashionable lamps and decorations, straws for a floor mat, etc…  Use your creativity, there’s money in the garbage!  You can also sell empty plastic bottles, glass bottles, and tin cans.  Save them and have a little extra money.
  5. Act now. A simple act can encourage people,  just from realizing how people refuse to use plastics made me realize why can’t I do the same.  It is a simple gesture that will help not just human kind but as well as other living things.  Me too have started acting the green movement!

We are all taking from the earth yet it is nature that we should give back wen we are taking to sustain life, otherwise life on earth will be terminal.  It is time to act now to give something back to our Mother Earth for we are taking from it a long time ago!

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