Fashion design industry has made the fashion world more detailed, colorful, creative, and artistic depending on the style of each designer.  Of course, we all know that it is also a marketing strategy, otherwise the masterpiece one fashion designer has created won’t sell if it doesn’t look good and wearable.


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How to become a successful designer?  Here are 9 Tips on How to Become a Fashion Designer.

  1. Follow what your heart desires.
  2. Be resourceful.
  3. Be creative.
  4. Know Limits.
  5. Do Not Sacrifice Creativity.
  6. Start Your Own.
  7. You Are Your First Model.
  8. Know How to Dance.
  9. Be Innovative.

These tips can be read complete with its details by checking out the post: 9 Tips on How to Be a Fashion Designer.  Or you could simply get an expert advice to becoming famous fashion designer.

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One thought on “Fashion Design 101

  1. Yes yes , all the tips are great , if you want to become a designer , but the most important is to have the gift, cause it’s a kind of art!

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