I am not here to discuss about Iridology, I just want to share my experience undergoing health consultation through Iridology.  I heard about this years ago when I was in college.  Lately, I am feeling unhealthy and I keep postponing going to a doctor.  When I did the other day,  they ask me to come back ( I went to the government hospital) because they only do mornings for consultation.

I could not come back as it is quite far from where I live.  Just a while ago, after a visit to the church I walked along an Iridology center, Osaka.  I asked how much for consulatation fee and to my surprise it is so affordable!  Php 125.00 ($2.50USD) for consultation, I have to come back because I have no money left in my pocket.

I came back after few minutes, it was easy.  I filled up the form, put me in the eye machine where they took photos of both my iris and magnify it to find out what health issues I have.  She told me everything.  She said, your eyes tell me that you are experiencing severe migraines lately, that I also lack sleep and stressed out, that I’m always having dysmenorrhea every month, high acid levels in my gut,  and a really weak heart(heart burns, palpitations, shortness of breath).

I did not say anything, but all were true.  I told her after the consultation that my whole left part of my body is always numb and shaky,  which does not allow me to drive manual cars anymore because of my shaky legs.  She said, the left numbness is caused by the weak heart.

She focused on my heart problems giving me herbal medications and diet, it is her major concern according to her.  Although, the herbal medications cost a lot (they quoted me Php 6,540 or $142USD for a month supply).  Not bad hey…  I reckon it is very effective.

(*Image by Michael Reeve)
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