Facial Hair Waxing

An hour ago, I got my very first facial hair waxing. For years, even if waxing is already out there ages ago, I didn’t bother to try it, seems painful for me. Today, I had my very first ever!

It was funny, when I asked the Vietnamese girl for waxing prices they gave me the menu…40,000 VND ($2.35 USD) for either chin hairs, upper lip, or eyebrows, I decided to get eyebrows and upperlip waxing service.

She asked me to sit in their comfy ethnic style chair and gave me a Vietnamese magazine to read… while she was preparing for the wax and the stuff she’ll gonna use on me I started reading, but anxious.

Then I saw her grab a waxing stick and apply it on my left eyebrow, I felt it a bit warm and sticky. I waited. Then she put a piece of cloth on my brows gently, and suddenly…. OUCH!!! I asked myself, ” Does Facial Hair Waxing is The New Shaving? Really?” Because I was shocked (lol), yet I maintain my composure, I don’t want embarrass her and myself in the salon. She’d done it again, several times, and then to the right. I got used to the shocking weird feeling, it feels like she’s ripping my skin off my face…lol…

But I’m still nervous, I told myself to calm down because I was imagining that if it shocked me on her doing my eyebrows, what would it feel like on my upperlip? Geeeeez!!!! I’m freaking out!

After a few rounds on my brows, she’s applied wax on my upper left lip, boom, boom, boom…that’s my heart beat! lol… put a piece of cloth on it again, and then…HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I almost wanna scream! WHEW! And then again, I thought should I really say, Facial Hair Waxing is The New Shaving?

Then the upper right lip, and HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! again…but after the first pull on the right and left upper lift, I’ve calmed down. It doesn’t feel as ouchy as the first one. Then I was like, oooh… it feels weird but I feel like I’m expecting some more. Then, I realize maybe I can ask them since I got 100,000 VND…Maybe they can do my chin as well for 100,000VND for all(eyebrows, chin, upper lip). So I asked the girl, if they will?

She called another girl and I asked her again, she just checked the price list and said, “okay!” Then, she did my chin. But so far, all I can say is that Facial Hair Waxing is the new Shaving! Definitely!

I saw how neat it did my skin after Facial Hair Waxing, it is The New Shaving. Actually, better than shaving.

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