Yes, I said Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook speaks about Fashion on the latest movie about him and the famous social networking site he founded, “The Social Network”.  To all those who have seen the movie you know the part that I am talking about, and if you did saw it, yet you don’t remember the part then read on and I will refresh your memory!

I did not mean that Mark is acting like a fashionista talking about fashion trends and stuff related to it.  It was on the part when he and Eduardo was talking about Facebook’s future relating it to fashion.  In his words in the movie, “Facebook is like Fashion…” Mark said.  “Oh so now you’re talking about fashion…” Eduardo said, and Mark immediately replied, “I mean, Facebook is like Fashion, it never ends…“.

See, this is how I admire Mark is that he is not thinking ‘in’ the box, he’s got an idea all over the universe but is focused with one goal to fulfill.  Guess what where he ended up with that kind of thinking? Mark Zuckerberg is now the youngest billionaire in the world!  Aside from the fact, that of course, his money makes him a lot more charming to women, who wouldn’t? How he handled the pressure and the problems with his success is awesome.  What an intelligent and humble being he is, that is why he is blessed hey…  He knows what to do with it.

Anyway, good thing I have an excuse to write about the Facebook’s Masthead, Mark Zuckerberg in this blog just because he mentioned something about fashion! Way to go Mark, you already know Facebook is addictive!

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