This latest fashion trends blog was created 2008, during that time MySpace was in the most popular spot of Social Media.  Then, there came Facebook, which by that time doesn’t have Page Create feature and so I was redirecting people to my personal FB profile.  Honestly, it was not a good idea as spammers targeted my FB profile, I have to restrict my security settings putting it on approval before anyone can post on my wall, tag a photo, or almost anything they want to do with my page.

A year later, I started my travel blog, although I have not put on much efforts on it until after a year, I focused on Social Media for the travel blog and got it all set.  By then, Facebook began the Facebook Page and so the travel blog’s page was my focus.  I’ve forgotten about my blog’s bread and butter, so now I think I have to regain the Latest Fashion Trends blog glory and I’d start with the Facebook Page of the blog, so I hope you guys would LIKE us on Facebook. It’s just there to your right.  Thank you!

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