Establish Man with His Car

Men Who Dreamt a Lot

Most established men are known for their fear of commitment and responsibility(majority of men do), oftentimes playing the games.  It is because their mind is set in having all this dream owning their own house, cars, traveling, and enjoying life freely without other distractions.

Forgetting Reality

That is why there are more and more established men have reach their 40’s and almost forgot committing themselves to someone, when most women at their age are married and have kids settle for something ‘weird’.  These men always want to be in control.  They create their own fashion having young girls when settling down comes to their mind.  Always want to be in control.  Younger girls on the other hand search for security and maturity of the men who can take care of her (subconsciously looking for father image) and provide for her.

Way Too Established Men

Catching Up

Their fashion is most likely, finding girls overseas, of other racial origin as they still want to have a wife that is young and caring.  Mostly, they happen to be a perfect housewife for established men. What is the fashion these men created? Aside from their crisp and shiny suits, the trend of getting younger girls(mostly, girls with ethnic blood) is common!

They always want their life so easy, alternative ways to do it is online.  Joining chatrooms, social networks, and dating sites.  There are great match making websites out there that is secure and offers great services, or you could do it yourself as well.

*The post written above is according to my opinion and own observations, as well as some researches I have made during my University time.

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