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Vietnam’s known for its crazy streets, well, I know we have crazy ones in the Philippines too and thought nothing should surprise me when it comes to streets that are named after CRAZY!  But I was wrong, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, 2 of the biggest cities of Vietnam stunned me.

(Returning favor to Trang)

My crazy crossing skills acquired from Philippines were suddenly out of the window, because when you say crazy in Vietnam that means millions of motorbikes on the streets I can never imagined.  Not just on the streets but also at the sidewalks, so do not be confident you’re safe walking there because motorbikes can run you over on the sidewalks.

I hated Hanoi for that(Isn’t it obvious, I haven’t wrote about Hanoi yet), my leg was burned by motorbike’s muffler one afternoon walking slowly trying to avoid motorbikes to look for some food, but inspite of avoiding them like crazy it didn’t appear to be successful.. Efff! It was freakin’ painful and left a huge round scar on my leg for a long time.  No apology or whatsoever from the driver, as if nothing happened.

As time passed by living a long time in Vietnam, I just realized they are the same to their own, like accidents are a normal thing for them.  At one point in Nha Trang, I saw 2 motorbikes collided at each other, the other driver flew from his bike and saw that his face down on the ground being scraped by the cement road.  The other was badly hurt on his left leg and no matter how severe the situation was, it just amazed me how they got up frisk the dusts off their jackets and rode their bikes like nothing happened! Unbelievable!

Yet, that didn’t stop me to enjoy motoriding in Vietnam,  in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) I asked Trang to teach me ride the Vietnamese way (crazy way, is the only term I can describe it).  She did once in a while let me drive her motorbike.

Riding in Mui Ne

In Mui Ne, the streets were quiet, easy, and of course its easier to take on the road that way so we started riding as soon as we arrived 9pm in Mui Ne.  Not to mention how we rode the next day going for Banh Xeo hunting on our breakfast, to Sand Dunes, to the Fishing Village, to the beach, and back to the guesthouse.  It was a ride of a lifetime for both me and Trang, breaking the rules taking photos while riding!

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4 thoughts on “Enjoying Vietnam’s Motoride

  1. Traffic is always a problem for me, because I love walking. I’ve just had to accept that some countries really aren’t designed with pedestrians in mind – maybe a reason to avoid vietnam…

    1. Don’t avoid Vietnam, that’s men’s paradise (when it comes to girls asking you out w a price), just avoid the cities if you want to walk a lot!

    1. It’s great to experience it, a little bit of crazy things will do you good rather than harm. 😀 The scar is gone too, so I’m ready for another round of adventure in Hanoi on my next trip in Vietnam.

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