(View from the hotel’s restaurant)

It was late April this year when I decided to schedule a family out of town day, I realized it was Summer and I have enjoyed myself travelling alone so I thought why not spend a weekend with family?  I relayed the idea to mom and so I searched the Internet for a budget hotel in Subic.  I found, Sheaven’s resort.  I thought it was on a good price when I found that they have a Php 2,000 ($40USD)/ night Family room that fits 4-6 people.  Their website was impressive, with swimming pool, jacuzzi, restaurant, along the beach, with cable TV, WiFi at the lobby, with a little veranda.  I thought that was a sweet deal.

When we get there, I was disappointed how the receptionists were not friendly enough to accommodate us.  I don’t know if it was because we were not able to print the confirmation email or is it because I was at the reception first but then those foreign guests came in so they ignored me.  I don’t care if they pay the deluxe suite room but I believe coming from a hospitality field by profession, customer service should not be discriminating.  I paid in full a month before we checked in, I don’t get it.  Although, to be fair with them, other staff were friendly except those people at the reception (I don’t think they should be there).

Aside from that Sheaven’s Subic hotel’s receptionists, their food were off the roof expensive!  Mom and Arjun (my brother) said, they don’t mind paying expensive meals if that is worth the price but mind you, they’re not (both talking, mom and my brother are experienced chefs, FYI).  Did we really enjoy the stay in that hotel, you may ask? Hmmm… Let’s talk about the Safari instead.

(Me and Emmy, Bird Feeding)

(Emmy feeding the kids)

Zoobic Safari in Subic

The next day, we decided to go to Zoobic Safari since Emmy was with us.  It was a hot, humid, but fun day.  At the entrance we were greeted by the Zoobic souvenir photo that costs us Php 235 (less than $6 USD), it’s pricey I know, but its for the whole family that’s why we took it.  After a brief orientation at the front, we went to watch an animal show…  It was cool, my niece Emmy enjoyed the show (and so were we).  The entrance fee for Safari is Php495 (less than $10 USD)/person including the Tiger Safari experience, animal show, exhibit, etc.  There is a Php50($1 USD)/person for the tram fee although if you have your own vehicle, you could use it to tag around and save your dollar.  It was fun, and it’s definitely a family tour that kids would really appreciate.

Aside from the cool animal show, the highlight of the tour was the Tiger experience where guests would have to ride a caged jeepney and would travel around a huge Tiger area.  Tigers there are free and do their own thing, jeepneys with guests lured the tigers to come close by feeding them raw chicken meat.  It was a kind of ‘fear factor’ experience too, being that close to a huge cat!  There’s a photographer on board that jeepney too that will give you the choice to get your photo of the close encounter with the tigers for Php235 as well.

(Tigers being lured)

(My brave brother Arjun)

Emmy, enjoyed feeding the birds and the kids (baby goats).  She was sooo cute being confused on how to feed all the kids who were jumping to grab her hand with only one milk bottle!  She was hesitant to do it, but she eventually went at ease when I went with her.  Bird feeding is Php10 ($.20 USD) and the kid feeding is Php30($.60USD) for a tiny milk bottle. You should let your children try it, its an experience they’ll remember the rest of their lives.


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  1. Aww too bad, plus a short visa Philippines is giving out when you you’re stuck in a bad weather, its really bad…but you can always come back, right? 🙂

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