(Class 5 in Samut Songkram)

I never thought I’d hear my name being called as “Teacher Lyndsay”.  I remember telling mom when I was in College that I could never be a teacher because I used to be impatient with a lot of things, I told mom I could never teach preschool because they are definitely too much to handle and not even college students for their “I’ll do whatever I want” attitude as I perceived it back then.

(Class 2 on their recitals)

Guess what? I started volunteering in Vietnam last year to teach preschool kids (although I didn’t go back to that anymore) to get a free accommodation and now teaching  English to college students!  My first time to teach in Thailand was in Pattani English Camp, although I haven’t documented much of that because aside from the nice students I have there and the friends I gained from that camp, there was nothing to document good(and of course, I didn’t get to take photos to do it too).

(Sweet Class 2 who wants a photo with me)

Now, I am here in Samut Songkram, Thailand for my second English Camp and it seems like it’s going pretty well.  I like how things are going here now and each day I am getting used to teaching, dealing with co-teachers, and the students.  The best thing about this is that you get to enjoy and make sure that the students learn at least the basic English they need to get by in the most conversation that will be helpful for them outside the classroom and especially out of the country.

(Sweetest Class 2, they’re my Section Class)

Plus the fact that on English Camps you get to have your daily salary and all expense paid trip (hotel, breakfast and lunch, transportation) to the camp which is a classroom based teaching, by the way. My first proper teaching experience was in Pattani, I remember  how freaked out I was that I couldn’t even process food.  Good thing there were my friends Chris and Michael who helped me out beat that nerves and pull off my English Teaching classes.

I just love how kids enjoy my class and requesting me not to leave at all.  They are such sweet kids (and I’m talking about the girls) while the boys are so naughty and noisy, games are just always so fun.

What can I say about teaching in Thailand?  It’s really fun.  So I guess I’d never say never again because I always end up to a place I never thought I would ever be.  Life is so wonderful!


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4 thoughts on “English Teaching in Thailand

    1. I’m new at it, so I’m trying my best. As long as my Thai students and Thai teachers are happy with my delivery, it’s already something.

  1. Our family lives in France, been here about a year, and I was asked by fellow parents to teach their children a few words in English. Well that has turned into a class of 6 students, a 3 hour a week tutoring job as well as an expansion to an added afternoon class with 6 more kids. Ok, it doesn’t pay the bills yet, but I am seeding for the future.
    Like you, I never imagined myself as a teacher, but surprisingly I love it!

    1. True. Full time job will probably earn you something to help pay the bills, although it would ask more of your time. It’s a somehow 9-5 job but is not. Teaching 20-25hours a week isn’t really a 9-5 job but like we said, we never know we would even like it. 🙂

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