End of The Year Report

Today is the end of the year and Lyndsaycabildo.com has been going on for 1 year and 2 months.  So far, it has been doing better and better!  The end of the year report will says everything about it hey…   The zero starting point, I have managed to pull it up within 3 months with all the hardwork and diligence in giving the best posts that I can share to all of you.

From then on, it keeps going up and up…and it is still going up!!!  Thanks for all the readers and subscribers who are supporting Latest Fashion Trends from a Fashion Girl- Lyndsay Cabildo.  I just launched another website that you might be interested in, it is a travel blog focusing on discount travels that will encourage  first time travelers and people that keeps putting off travel plans due too their budget.  It is open for post contribustion, if you are a traveler or an expert, expats, etc… You can freely share you experiences, tips, and updates through Discount Travel Blogger.com!  For now, I just want to thank all of you for making this successful blog possible!!!  Happy New Year to all!!!

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