Yeah, yeah, I have heard rumours that Ellen de Generes will replace Paula Abdul as one of the American Idol judges.  What happened?  I don’t know yet, but all I know is that Ellen de Generes’ Interview with American Idol Simon Cowell will gonna be interesting.  Isn’t it?

I reckon it will be, imagine how tactless Simon Cowell is joining the league of the funny Ellen de Generes.  I know, I know that not all people are fond of Ellen.  For some she is annoying, but for some she is awesome (I joined the some of the latter).  I was expecting that the two personalities would be very interesting as the combination of strict, perfectionist Simon with Ellen’s funny wit will be hilarious.

Well, no negative energies will not ever concedes with positive ones.  So, let’s see how this two American Idol judges Ellen de Generes and Simon Cowell will get along…  Let’s start with Ellen de Generes Interview with American Idol Simon Cowell on her show.

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