Black is back!  It is not new to us Filipinos as we celebrates Black Valentine this year too and it looked great.  Black motif is becoming popular to people now, although it was a tough struggle for those who decide to make their motif, the Black Parisian color whether it would be on their debut party or even at their wedding.

Having a population of more than 80% Roman Catholic, in which the older up to the baby boomers generation still believe in some traditional beliefs and sayings, Black symbolizes death and sorrow for them.  Perhaps the Filipino younger generations have open the possibilities and want to explore things other than a non-scientifically explained beliefs, people are starting to break the rules of the old beliefs.  Being in a fashion scene, black always look good as you see them at the ramps and magazines.

Last Saturday, I attended my cousin Michelle’s wedding! Having a black colored motif everyone were surprised how it looked great.  Although there are many people asked questions why she chose black as her motif.  Even when I was looking for a gown to wear, most wedding tailor shops does not have them, only few selected ones have them.  The tailor shop owner said, other shops would not have them because it does not have high turn over due to the traditional limiting belief.  However, the shop where I bought mine said they have to follow the demand of the consumers and follow the trends which is why they have the best styled black tailored clothes in the area.

Michelle’s wedding was a blast!  From the church, reception, to the members of the entourage and the couple’s family wearing black, everyone looked so elegant.  Not to mention the reunion of the clan was one truly amazing experience after all the years we have not seen each other.  Michelle and Milie themselves were so happy to have their families, relatives, and friends come together after all those years on their special moment!  Kudos to the bride Michelle who worked hard to make her own wedding amazing! Hats off to you cousin and best wishes!!!

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