Edward Scissorhand in Nha Trang

How beautiful and amazing is Nha Trang? Well, here it is…judge it yourself! Amazing beach, mountains, islands, and landscapes. It seems like Edward Scissorhands was on the loose, trimmed up all the pines here!!!

Edward Scissorhands in Nha TrangEdward Scissorhands in Nha TrangGreens everywhere…cool, huh? No wonder natives here will do everything to keep their country’s natural gems in tact. Everywhere you look, you don’t have any words to use but amazing, wonderful, beautiful, unbelievable, breathtaking…geeez, what else but positive words, compliments to give away for Nha Trang. I’m gonna miss Nha Trang, I wish I could stay longer but unfortunately I only got 21days here in Vietnam, need to suss stuff in Saigon for Cambodian border crossing. I’m going back to Nha Trang again! Definitely!

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2 thoughts on “Edward Scissorhands in Nha Trang

  1. Absolutely amazing as I see in the pictures. Look at those trees and clean environment everywhere. This is first time I have heard about Nha Trang.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yeah, Nha Trang is truly unbelievable! Amazing! I still have some photos to blog about it…I’m just having a break, I don’t want to appear too much on one thing…:D You’ll find out more of Nha Trang soon.

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