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Chic Natural Handbags Unleashed

New York based Filipina designer, Krishna Justo, the person behind the Kaija New York.  Kaija is from the Filipino word, ‘Kaya’ which means ‘able’. During her visit to her country home Philippines particularly Boracay Island last 2006, Krishna was amazed by the women’s hand-weaving dexterity and fascinated with the vibrant colors and craftsmanship.  She engaged dialogue with them as she found out that weaving is the main income earner of the town.

Classic Kaija Handbag

Eco-Friendly and Charitable Kaija

Made from handicrafted buntal fabrics extracted from Buri Palm, these are all natural materials native from the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Madagascar.

Kaija Tribal Clutchbag

It is not just smart but fashionable eco-friendly handbags and cluthches available for everyone.  Your eyes can see perfect craftsmanship, and elegant designs made by Krishna. Salute to Kaija’s idea and great mission and morale for incredibly productive and out reach concept.

NY Style in the Hands of Filipinos

Now, bringing the New York style to the hands of very creative women, their Kaija Sale Handbagwork will be known throughout the world.  The chic style and high quality Krishna’s design into Eco-Friendly Designer Handbags and Clutches to conquer the International market.

Not only that Kaija is helping Filipino local female weavers, it also pledged to keep donating percentage of it’s earnings to UNICEF’s programs for orphan children.  Prices from $42 USD and up, This what you can have:

  • Chic designer eco-friendly handbags
  • Helping Filipino locals to earn their income
  • Encourage local weavers to weave more eco-friendly fashionable bags,
  • And Donating to UNICEF’s orphan programs for children.

Filipino Women: Handweavers

Your money goes way more than just styling and glamour! It reaches out to the hands of creative women and locals, as well as the children orphans around the world that needs help.  You are hitting multiple birds in one stone, as they say, not just 2 but a lot more.

(*Images from KaijaNY.com)

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3 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Designer Handbags and Clutches

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  2. These are pretty clutches and helping such a great cause. We also sell eco friendly designer handbags to support artisans and underprivileged school children in Bali, Honduras, Cambodia, India and Guatemala.

    1. Hi Theresa, thanks for sharing that! I love doing multi-purpose stuff, specially if the other purpose is charity! Hope your institution succeed and I guess it will. 🙂

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