We all know that fashionistas eat with fashion as well, stylish and perfect as how we want to wear our fashionable clothes.  Meticulous eyes are what the fashionistas have in common, a watchful pair of eyes to look for the best style that will suits our looks and occassion of the outfit.

So, dining and drinking (d&d) will always have the mark of the fashionistas. Style.  Fashion Drinks and Cocktails were one of the most commonly linked to fashion dining that even bartenders have joined the fad of fashionistas in creating different concoctions of cocktails to replace The Cosmopolitan which is the Fashion Cocktail.

Well, not just that.  To complete the force of D&D that jumped into the demand of the stylish and creative food and beverage, the bakery has joined the fun!  They made the dining not just fashionable but also added more fun and creativity on their cakes and pastries.  Isn’t it amazing, cool, and fun at the same time fashionable?

For me, yeah.  It is dining and drinking back to our childhood moments.  Why not add fun to sophistication and style, hey?  You don’t need to worry now because they did!  So, enjoy and have some fun D&D!!!

(Image from ParkesCakes.co.uk)

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