(Bihon Mee Goreng = 25,000 Rupiahs)

First Encounter of Indonesian Cuisine

I have no idea of what Indonesian Cuisine was, all I know is that probably they have similarities with the neighboring countries I have been like Malaysia and Singapore, so I was expecting Nasi Lemaks around.  Although there were Nasi Lemaks and Nasi Ayams too, my first encounter of the Balinese food was ‘Ayam Bututu‘.

I know ‘Ayam‘ means Chicken but ‘Bututu‘, no idea.  Anyway, it was on my first day in Bali after 2 tiring days of waiting, switching airports and flights, I arrive finally safe in Bali.  I had an annoying taxi driver who is asking me go down and ask directions for him and was annoying enough to ask for a tip he does NOT deserve!  I know he needs it and I would consider giving without him asking if  he was after all nice and friendly (he should consider I am straight from the airport, not to mention the hassles I’ve been through to get to Bali…)


(My First Indonesian Meal, Ayam Bututu = 10,000 Rupiahs)

Ayam Bututu

Anyway, I had awesome hosts in Bedbunkers Hostel.  From their staff to the couple who owns it, there’s no place to stay but Bedbunkers.  Of course, I was dead hungry when I arrive and after settling the bill for a night ( I ended up staying until I’m about to go back Philippines), set my things up the top most bunk bed assigned to me and asked them where’s the cheapest and nearest place to get food.

Jeff and his staff were nice enough to bring me  to a Balinese Restaurant, we hopped in to their brand new Toyota (I’m not sure if that was Avanza, anyway…)went to fill our empty guts (mine was ever empty!).  I ordered what the guys ordered, no idea of what is it but Chicken, and I’m up to try it.

They ordered ‘Ayam Bututu’ and it was great! Except for the fact that my nose was dribbling and my throat’s a l’il sore after the meal.  The meal was composed of Rice, Chicken sauteed in Ginger and some herbs, Kangkong, Cucumber with Sambal, and Peanuts.  Everything on the plate was hot and spicy, none the less, that ended my spicy dose for the whole trip.  Thanks for that food trip Jeff and company! You can pretty much guess what happened to me after the meal, too tired for the day, CRASHED.

(Go Vego! 10,000 Rupiahs)

Vegetarian Street Food

I have tried their local vegetarian street food on the way to the beach.  I had Java Rice (Java Rice in Indonesia makes more sense!), Fried Noodles, Tofu with some Tomato Sauce, and BBQ flavored Tofu. I have no idea what are those sweet grains the lady put on my plate.  We could barely understand each other, she only speaks Balinese but she made good vegetarian food there.

Conventional Asian Foods

Of course, I had never ending Chicken Fried Rice and Mee Goreng.  Oh well, they’re always available everywhere in Southeast Asia, so nothing special about it.

(Chicken Fried Rice = 15,000 Rupiahs)

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