Easy Travel Fashion Look

Preparing and packing for your next travel isn’t easy, aside for worrying about the bulk of your wardrobe, you still doesn’t want to sacrifice your style.  This post would just want to give you a suggestion on your travel fashion look on your next trip.  May it be chic travel fashion, casual, sporty, hobo, or whatever style you want… Here are some of the coolest new finds I suggest.



The City Traveler – This style suites for chic traveler, obviously a traveler with a suitcase, most likely a business traveler or a post flash packer.  Style that needs to be planned and convenience is a must.




The Sporty Traveler – Suits well for an outdoorsy personality, the look is great for trekking, walking tours, cycling, safaris, or even some extreme activities like bungy jumping, wear it with swimsuit underneath and you’re set for more fun!




The Casual Fashion – May it be visiting temples, walking tour, meeting new friends, food tours, or simply hang out at the restaurant or to have a drink.

These are all my favorite looks, check out Easy Travel Fashion Look here now! I can’t choose with all these, what about you? What’s your travel fashion style?

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Lyndsay is the mind behind this fashion blog, she also blogs about her travels on Discount Travel Blogger giving tips on how to explore the world as cheap as possible. She has earned units in Masters in Psychology, designs websites and graphics, online marketer, YouTuberand a singer by heart.