Earth Day

(Image from Couture in the

As the Earth Day celebrated last 22nd of April, everyone’s reminded that Mother Earth is in trouble, we are all killing her and now time is calling us to do something about it before its too late.

Its smarter to buy and use products that are recyclable, specially on beauty and fashion industry that are largely used category of business.  We should do our part, using recyclable bags, natural beauty products, and other stuff we use should be helpful to our eco-system.

It’s time to become naturally gorgeous with Sephora. Going au naturel by way of ingredients is so in, it might very well be the future of beauty as we know it. As we reevaluate conspicuous consumption, we celebrate our developed savvy in

incorporating natural components to our beauty regimen. Touting radiant skin, luscious locks and fierce color palettes can now be dubbed eco-chic. Sephora’s current raison d’être is to make the world a more naturally gorgeous place.

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