It’s month of weddings once again, June.  This is why June brides will flood the wedding venues all over the world, may it be in the church, beach, and garden, expect it to happen this month.  Brides and grooms will be busy enough preparing for their big day, not to mention the people included on their entourage will be busy preparing for their look on the big day, specially women!

Yes, women are mostly vain to make themselves look good.  From the dress, make-up, accessories, to wedding hair style, it will be carefully planned for the isle.  The isle is the wedding runway, isn’t it? All the bridesmaids and groomsmen will walk the walk with all eyes and camera lenses on them.  Dressing up for a wedding can be a hassle but it could also be so much fun.

Take not of the motif. If you’re part of the entourage, once the bride or groom has sent you the invitation or have called you about their wedding, take note of the motif so when you get to shop for your accessories and clothes, you know what to look for.

Dress yourself on your own. Lucky if the couple will sponsor your clothes because you don’t have to go through the hassle of looking for your own.  However, it is more fun if you have to do it on your own because you get to choose your style, and bargain down the price if you know where to get the best deals.

Make-up Fun. For women, make-up is always a must on the big day specially if you’re part of the entourage.  Do your own make- up, and if you’re not a pro be resourceful and creative, make it more fun to practice to put on make up for yourself few days before the big day so you’ll know what colors and style is best for you on the big day.  Have fun and save money!

Prepping up for your wedding or for someone else’s  will always be fun, by just bringing out the creativity and being resourceful in you.


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