Dress Made From Paper!!!

Dress Made From Paper!!!

No, I would not ask you to wear this Dress Made From Paper!!! NO! Who could wear it anyway? lol… 😀 This Dress Made From Paper is just a way to help fashion designers to come up their creative ideas into paper first, before sawing it to become a great fashion dress.

Dress Made From Paper!!! A Brilliant Idea for Designers

It is indeed brilliant, and cheap way to materialize and see their visualization of their creative thoughts and ideas to produce a clothing masterpiece that might become that might become the next trend.

By creating it on paper first, they can see how it would look like on a human body, just how the paper looks on the manekin. Then, they can adjust it easily as it just dress made from paper. It is easier to produce a perfect output by using this.

NO, Don’t Wear This Dress Made From Paper!!!

See, this is productive and creative too. Not if you wear it like this though…lol… 😀 DO you want to wear something you know isn’t waterproof? Even if its not raining, your sweat could ruin it, even your moves!!! So, NO…don’t wear Dress Made From Paper!!!

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