Carrie Prejean Miss Californis Fired!

Carrie Prejean

Miss California, Fired?

Miss California was fired! Yes, Carrie Prejean lost her crown.  Donald Trump got Miss California Fired due to the alleged continuous “Breach of Contract”.  She was reported to keep lending her beautiful face to other organizations without asking permission from her handlers.

Successor of the Crown

Tami Farell

Successor of the Crown

The First Runner-Up Tami Farell is expected to assume the position and the crown.  Farell is Miss Malibu.

Wake Up Call

It is always a lesson to learn for everyone that every position or step we take ahead comes with responsibility that one should not forget.  It is not all prestige and fame to take for granted people who helped you get there and why you were qualified to be there.  The situation proves that there are people looking up to you and waiting for what you can do and what you should NOT do.  By passing all those, means consequences.  Wake up call for everyone.

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