(Title just remind me of ‘We no speak Americano’ disco song)

Do you speak English and loves to travel?  Guess what? Speaking English language can bring you everywhere you probably did not imagine.  If you love to travel and you speak English ( I mean, good English) then you will have the best times of your life sooner than you think.  In Asia,  there’s a high demand of English Teachers needed specially in Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and China.  These countries are looking for people who speaks good English regarding if they have experience in teaching English or not ( specially if you’re a native speaker).

The salary ranges from $10-35 USD per hour depending on what country you are in and the area.  In Vietnam, I used to get $15 USD per hour for a tutorial because I don’t have TEFL (Teach English as  a Foreign Language) Certification.  However, they can pay as much as $35USD per hour if you have TEFL certified and with previous English Teaching experience at TEFL schools and universities.

On my next long trip, I would like to teach English in one of the beautiful islands of Thailand and in China.  We’ll see where will I go from there, but in the meantime, I know I can only earn money by just simply talking English on the phone.


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2 thoughts on “Do You Speak English?

  1. Hi Lindsay,

    I used to teach English in Korea as a missionary. It was my first time to be outside the Ph. I want to go outside again, to travel and to teach. I don’t have TEFL certification either. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.


    1. Hi Noel, I can hook you up with the agencies I used to apply for but its all up to you and the agency on how you will work. Just email me on my contact page when you’re here. Thanks and good luck to your teaching plans!

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