For a lot of first time travelers, they might think doing city tours on their own is difficult. I can understand that being in an unfamiliar place makes anyone uncomfortable and Do It Yourself City Tour in Kuala Lumpur may seem impossible, but it is not and its easy.

I will try and help you guide to do it yourself, so let me ramble a bit on how to do it. First of all, you will need to know how to get around Kuala Lumpur, they have no sweat(not literally though) transport system which will make it easier for you to plan your city tour and schedule. So, what do you need to do pull it off?

Do It Yourself City Tour in Kuala Lumpur Steps

Okay, figure out the following…

Accessibility. Depending if you will stay a night or more, or even just passing by to super flash pack the city. If you are, then you should know how accessible is the city and the level of efficiency of different transport systems available (flow of traffic, rush hour, how often the transport is visible in your area, etc.), this will help you how many places you can go in the amount of time you have, then you can prioritize as well.

Grab a Map. You can ask for maps from the Tourist Information at the airport, at the train station (they might just give you train map but it would still be helpful), and at different hostels and hotels around. This will of course, help you determine how accessible you are to the transport system and help you decide where to find accommodation if you will spend a night or more in the city.

Accommodation. You may want to consider to stay near the train lines. They are the most convenient, efficient, and easiest way to get around the city to get the most out of your do it yourself city tour in Kuala Lumpur. Check out 4 Backpackers Places to Check Out in Kuala Lumpur.

Know Where You Want to Go. Knowing where exactly you want to go makes you save time and money. Research about where to go, what to do in the city. Once you figured out where do you want to go and want to do, then you are ready to Do It Yourself City Tour in Kuala Lumpur.

I can recommend 2 ways to do the city tour in KL, depending on your needs and convenience, you can either do a Semi-DIY City Tour or the real deal.

Now, here are 2 ways of Doing it Yourself:

>Use Hop-On Hop-Off – Their system is the most common city tour in almost every city in Europe and US. An open roof-seating bus roaming around the city with a tour guide that informs the passenger of the place, scenery, and events you passed by. Passengers are given headsets so you can hear what your tour guide/driver is saying about it, may it be facts, history, or trivias. It is still somehow do-it-yourself by choosing what route you want to go to, their prices vary upon distance and routes of your choice. This is more convenient and lazy way to do it.

>The Real DIY City Tour – If you’re adventurous enough and you don’t want limited time and place when travelling like I do, you better DIY it for real. Grab a map, figure out how to get there(or you can always ask a local or check your android’s GPS). It’s not just seeing the place, experience it, take your time to enjoy the scenery, know the people, and truly immersed with the culture. This is how I love travelling. I can’t handle tour guides telling me do not go that far, or I should do this and that, I don’t need a baby sitter.

Anyway, this post is just trying to help you and at the same time ranting a little about how I didn’t like package tours. Like I always say, we are all different and if you love package tours, you have you own reasons for it. Whatever you do, always be smart and stay safe.


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