(Donsak Pier)

How to Do It Your Own: Suratthani City to Donsak Pier?

Living in Suratthani City has its perks, aside from being the mainland to the famous southern islands like Koh Samui, Koh Panggan – Famous for the ‘Full Moom Parties’, and Koh Tao – Famous for a great dive site.  In possession of an itchy feet, I guess it is contagious having Chris slowly gets infected of the fun venom of the travel bug.


(Speedboat to the Islands)


(Ferry Entrance)

As the 2 day holiday in Thailand is brewing, our plan to escape to the islands are brewing as well making us to get our acts together, researching and calling local bus-boat agencies about information going to our holiday destination for next week, Koh Samui.  The internet sites are filled with information from travel agencies that operates in Suratthani City (The Center).  I got only morning and afternoon trips to Koh Samui, the schedule according to the researched sites and call I made to different bus-boat agencies are:

Suratthani City – Donsak Pier

  • Morning:  7am & 9am
  • Afternoon:  3pm & 4pm

Costing THB 450 for Speedboat and THB250 for the slow boat.  

Since we tried to do this one weekend before and relied to the agencies’ information we decided to do this on a longer holiday, which will be next week as the 2-day off falls on Monday and Tuesday, it will be a 4 day holiday for us.  This time, we want to do it on our own.  We want to bring our motorbike with us, and again asked agencies that carries motorbikes to the island.  We were referred to a slow boat operator that charges THB 250 to bring the motorbike and the driver’s fare from Donsak Pier and same amount for an individual coming from the center (bus from the center to Donsak Pier + slow boat to Koh Samui).  The timing are weird, saying the earliest bus from the center leaves at 7.30am but it doesn’t make sense that they want passengers to be there at 5.30am, and they said we have to drive the motorbike to Donsak Pier ourselves.


(Hill Top Temple)

Doing It On Our Own

Since they still want us to drive the motorbike on our own, we thought we’d just do it ourselves and do a dry run a weekend before the trip to find out the timing and the distance of the pier from the center.  Equipped with our mobile GPS, we head to find where the pier is.  After an hour of driving, we found the Donsak Town and they do have a lot of ferry ports there but you should look for the Seatran Ferry Pier.

Cost of the fare:

  • THB 100/Person
  • THB 150/Person and a Motorbike
  • THB 150 Motorbike Fuel Return from the center to Pier

The THB500 Vs. THB 400 is almost the same but the timing is more flexible.  From Donsak Pier the boats leave every hour from 6am until 7pm.  Seatran Ferry  carries other vehicles like cars and limited trucks too.


(Water Village in Donsak)

Donsak Pier is also not more than 30 minutes away from Khanom.  Yes, Khanom is one quiet paradise where we spent our Christmas last year, I suggest you bring your swimsuits and sunblock when you do it on your own because you can stop by along the beach through vacant lots and you can have your tan lines soon.  Too bad I didn’t have mine, so it was a big tease for the mermaid to swim!  I just don’t want to drive back wet which made me really, really excited for Saturday.

The Dillema

Chris said “Why do they advertise only 2 schedule from the center?” as we found out that the ferries leave every hour to the islands.  You can also sail directly to any island of your choice like Koh Tao and Koh Panggan.  I told him it’s a business strategy, having two trip in the morning and the afternoon they get to fill those spots with tourists rather than doing the trip every hour to the pier that will cost them a lot more with less passengers.  Make sense for business.

A Bit About Donsak

Donsak is one quiet town, a very laid back place that has very friendly people.  Obviously, their main source of living is tourism and fishing.  Several resorts can be found around the area and like I mentioned above, you can access the beautiful beaches of Khanom.

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