I know I still have lots of backlogs to write about my recent trips, I’m not done with Malaysia and I haven’t started Bali, plus the recent activity I made with my colleagues (Wall Climbing!) but I couldn’t help but to write about this topic.  You’re probably wondering why?  Because I get lots of weird questions directly addressed to me just because I’m a backpacker.

Do Backpackers really sleep around? Do you really want an honest answer?  Well, then you would have to listen and stop judging us.  Why did I end up with this topic by the way?  Due to the questions I get a lot from people.  Backpacking is not common in the Philippines and so people ask you questions because they are interested on what’s really backpacking, what to do, and how its done.  Of course, there are more interesting questions they want to know like, do we really sleep around during our travels.

I think people sleep around whether they are backpackers or not, and just like everybody else, some do and some don’t.  It’s the hype of the story that for some it became part of their journey, their adventure.  It’s interesting enough to meet a cute girl or a cute guy in the ‘real world’, let alone while you’re traveling the world.

Imagine how cool it is meeting people doing things you do the same, traveling.  You find the person cool, you hang out visiting places until its time to leave, you leave and arrive to new place, meet other friends again, hang out, blah blah…  That is how backpackers world turns, but its hyped up and stereotyped as wild people.

I understand that its wild enough to travel the world alone, but what most people doesn’t know is that we are not really alone.  We have friends and meet more friends everywhere!  Surprising as it is, I love backpackers just because we are all having fun wherever in the world we meet.  No one really cares of who we are in the ‘real world’, no one cares if you’re the boss of your company, or you’re the top student until nothing to talk about travels.  As I have observed, backpackers that travels longer are the most down to earth people I met (although in the ‘real world’, when they tell their stories might be a little bragging, but its the true story, its not candy coated).

So what’s my point?  My point is that, people hear stories and they will assume that they know everything.  People judge people.  For those who judge, I think they’re the ones who wants to do it but can not, afraid to be judged by people like them.

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2 thoughts on “Do Backpackers Sleep Around?

  1. Personally, I don’t care what people do and if two people like each other and want the same thing (so there’s no deception involved, and they know if it’s only short term) then that’s more nice travel experiences for them – especially when they can meet local people or other travellers from different countries to their own.

    But I do have a problem when people don’t get a private room. I was so disgusted and angry the one time I woke up in a shared dorm to hear ‘noises’ – I had to check out straight away, even though it was like 5AM. Spend some of your beer money on a private room!!!

    I also have a major issue with the people who come from rich countries to pay for companionship in poorer countries, but that’s a totally different issue :p

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