Being born in the Philippines,  I always love to travel to the beautiful places here although even as a local the well marketed areas are all I know when I was growing up such as Puerto Galera, Palawan, Boracay and the likes.  They are the popular stunning beaches where in very commercialized and too crowded.

I enjoyed going to the beaches, any body of water makes me relaxed but what bothers me is that the people everywhere drinking and partying.  Then I started to realize that there are places and great scenery not known to the public yet and that is where I wanna go.  Discovering the beauty of Lucena is amazing.  I used to have a vacation in Lucena with my cousins as a kid, but I never thought they have beautiful nature and beaches up there, never seen them before (as they lived in a subdivision).  So when a friend working in a resort in Lucena offered to see me and stay there for a week, I could not resist it even without knowing what I would see.

Just from the area where my friend lives is just bunch of beaches.  We just went at the back and there you get to see the beach shown on the photos.  Views that you’ll never gonna see in Manila (where I live).  Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, away from the pollution and noises.

Haunted House Adventure

We get to pass along an old abandoned hotel that the locals called “Haunted House”, we got up there and the view was even more spectacular.  Seeing all the trees and how clear the water from the top view is priceless.  What about the stunning clouds and the breath taking scene of Mount Banahaw, the 15th to the highest mountain in the country?  Sure, it’s awesome.

It is a perfect place to do ghost hunting on Halloween.  It’s creepy look and awesome structure is best for a horror set for film making.

Yet, inspite of all that you’ll never feel scared at all.  The place is filled with European like balcony, maybe with those people that have active imagination the place will be pretty creepy and scary for them.

And if there are spirits in the Haunted House, they are not giving out negative energies.  That’s all I can say about the house.  But yes, it was a heck of an adventure!

Not just that,  the adventure doesn’t stop at Haunted House.  Hidden Beaches on different islands are boundless, take a look at my adventure on Isla Lukang’s Paradise untracked.

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