Discount Travel Blogger blog deserves a new look, I took it for granted for more than a year (or maybe two) but I always have a big plan for this.  So many things that got me too preoccupied disregarding the fact that this is just waiting for a little more effort to become a success.

My travels became a good excuse of not updating it, but its also from my travels where I got my inspiration to start working on it again (not to mention the bloggers traveling I met along the way).  Now that my solo backpacking trip is (semi)over for this year (because I know I will always travel to see places whenever I can), I have no reason not to begin the work on this blog.  I could not even stop thinking what to do and how to begin!  I have so many ideas coming in on what to do with it, but I take it one at a time or I will end up not finishing things again.

As soon as I came back Philippines, I have been blogging everyday about the trip I did.  Hence, I noticed I’m beginning to have more and more followers on this blog (and I think it will surpass my fashion blog, honestly) so I thought, ‘I should clean it up for my new visitors!’. It has been 3 days now that I’m working to improve the look of this blog.  It is not totally done yet, but the change I want to have for it has been done, but…

I will be putting up more interesting things on this blog soon, so in the meantime, enjoy reading my posts and the new look I have done (and still working on it) for the pleasure of your everyday reading!  What do you think about the blog’s new look?  I’m open to suggestions.


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One thought on “Discount Travel Blogger’s New Look

  1. Those categories at the top are brilliant for getting instantly to countries and their cities/regions. Totally professional!

    As for any constructive criticism, I’ll have to think about it…

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