In this day and age, the earth is suffering too much from negligence and lack of concerns of its inhabitants.  Perhaps its time to think about caring our environment before it becomes too late, and fashion people are not just focused in the latest trends in the industry but also the latest issues we have to deal with.

Responsible Fashion

True to those words, many brands and signature names have launched and still working in cooperating in achieving greener world.  Eco-Fashion was born from that idea where fashion products are eco-friendly.  Stewart + Brown is offering great exclusive deals and promotions that you can take advantage of, from signing up for free with JP Selects,  an Online Market Place that promotes brands that values outstanding environmental, work, and community ethics like Stewart + Brown.

Fresh and Hip Collection

Stewart + Brown’s founders are Karen Stewart and Howard Brown who have received various awards and honors from their fashion masterpieces.  Their collection is fresh and hip that captures young spirits encompassing not just personal but environmental values.  Fun and easy fashionable casual wear that fits high fashion and rugged style.  Check all the variants they have with JP Selects, sign up for free and enjoy the exclusive deals they have in store for you.

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