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After a long time wearing my hair long (not really, it just took me a long time to wait for it to grow longer) I’m beginning to get bored with having it straight, long and dark.  Just like wearing it too short back then (that I went cutting it short over and over again) I have to let it grow for a change and now that I got it long and been wearing it for two years now, I am looking for another change.  What can I do? I’m a Gemini, I easily get bored with routine!


I know I had a great multi-colored highlights back in Singapore from Essensuals Hair Salon (Toni&Guy) [Thanks for Rick and Eugenie for the free highlights!]but it’s faded now.  However, since I worked with these people, I am now inspired to get some healthy curls (afro-like) or color it blonde, or both!  I saw a model before with the same facial bone structure like mine and she looks cool with the afro.  I know it will be a big change and I’m still psyching myself to be ready and take that leap for a big hairstyle change.

(Blonde Curls)

With that thought in my head still left undecided, it is quite bugging me lately.  Just tonight, I asked the help of a virtual hairstyle mixer to see myself with that hairstyle(if that would suit me).  It looks great on photos and the result of that application, but the thing is…  Would it look the same in actual outcome?  Here’s the results, let me know what do you think looks better.


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