(Plane ride to Singapore)

Travelling around may it be land, air, or by water could cause nausea that eventually get us really sick.  It does not affect everyone but for some people it is very common when travelling.

What Causes Sickness When Travelling?

It is the constant movement of the vehicle that causes a person to get dizzy or nauseatic.  It is a motion sickness. Our body should always be kept stable upright and the constant movement triggers the sickness and for some will turn out vomiting!

(Me when I was working on a cruise ship)

What To Do When Feeling Sick?

Motion Sickness Medication. There are over the counter motion sickness medication that you can carry around always to save you from the hassle.

Sweets. However, if we don’t have time to or did not remember buying some from the pharmacy then sweets such as candies, chocolates, or even sugar will help you to save yourself from feeling badly sick.

Focus At a Stable Place or Thing. Working your mind to help you will work depending how strong your mind to focus on something.  Focusing on a stable matter would condition your body to what it is seeing.

Sleep. If you could not do the previous tip then you could just try the easier trick.  Close your eyes or try to get some sleep.  That way, you would not see the winding road, the wavy waters, or the bumpy block of clouds causing the vehicle to make constant movement.

(Bus ride bordercrossing from Saigon to Bangkok)

Given those tricks and tips for travellers to avoid getting motion sick that could help.  These are just my personal tricks I used every time I get sick during my travels.  I normally don’t get sick but sometimes I do when it there is too much movement.  When I was working on board a cruise ship, I get sea sick because I see the ship’s movement, but if I focus on an island or the distant water which is calm and stable, it helps me a lot.  The sweets always do the trick for me.


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