From Scottsdale area, it is not impossible to visit Sedona or Grand Canyon in a day. Depending on your travel style, if you wish to take time walking around and shop then it can become impossible. For someone like me who have a split day off, it is hard to get that done.


Day Tour to Grand Canyon

I drove up to Sedona from Scottsdale for 2 hours and from there we did a drive by the nice and quaint town of Sedona center. Got some coffee to power us up on this speed day tour and then drove up to Flagstaff.

Sneak Peek

We stop by a viewing point at Oak Creek Canyon, made me giggle to see snow again!

Soon after that, we drove 2 hours up north to the South Rim of Grand Canyon. Long and behold, the 10,000 tourist trap is there! I meant, a lot of tourists trying to get a good selfie spot, including a shameless me. Oh well, that is what social media people do.



Honestly, I never thought I’d enjoy Grand Canyon but I did! I always wanted to go to the Havasupai Falls which is a trek below the Grand Canyon (we saw people trekking down the side) but that would be perfect when it’s a swimming kind of weather. Maybe, I’ll plan it one day. We’ll see. I would not want to spoil your excitement, let me share the short clips I made for this day tour to Grand Canyon. Enjoy, like, share, and comment. Let me know what you think.

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