What happened today just got me inspired to style for a regular event happens in almost every girl’s life. Meet up with friends sometimes becomes regular that we don’t want to put much effort during lazy days, but still want to look nice and fashionable. Here are some few pieces that almost every girl has in their closet for an easy style fix.

  1. Casual Dress – easy peasy.
  2. Blazer or Cardigan – to cover your shoulders on a quick night out decision.
  3. Sneakers – sleek and comfortable day footwear.
  4. Bags – Of course. Try and match it with something you’re wearing, may it be your hat, shoes, belt, jewelry, scarf, or jacket.
  5. Hat or cap – easy fix for a bad hair day. Bandana can work too.
  6. Accessorize! – Style yourself to make a simple outfit stands out. You can shop the accessories from my Chloe + Isabel shop and enjoy the freebies!

Click other items from the interactive image below to start shopping!


Friends Meet Up Get Up


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