Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, and Carlos Santana are legendary musicians.  They are the artists that whether you like it or not they are marked in your mind.  You know who they are the moment someone mention their names.

Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana - They're Legendary Musicians

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper became phenomenal in the 80’s with her hit single “True Colors”.  That magical voice discovered by the same guy who made Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Rod Stewart, and Charice Pempengco, David ‘The Hitman’ Foster.  That sounds like a singing little girl happens to be so cute that contributes a lot to the 80’s music and made it more enjoyable at that time.

Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana - They're Legendary Musicians

Lionel Richie

What about Lionel Richie? Despite the fact the he’s the father of Fashionista Nicole Richie, you wouldn’t forget the love songs he made hitting above the top charts.  I happen to grow up with his songs having my parents fall inlove with his songs.  Do you remember ‘Endless Love’, ‘My Love’, ‘You Are’, ‘Stuck on You’, ‘Ballerina Girl’, and “Say You, Say Me’?  These are the songs I would never forget singing with my daddy. 🙂

Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana - They're Legendary Musicians

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana on the other hand is the greatest guitarist I’ve ever heard.  Making every music he played with his guitar amazing, collaborating with top artists in the industry as well as remixing his music with other genres like alternative Matchbox20, Shakira, Black Eyed Peas, and all great modern musicians, it is undeniably amazing.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Carlos Santana’s great guitars are custom made from Philippines’ guitar town, Cebu City?  Cebu is known for world class quality and great priced guitars.

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3 thoughts on “Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Carlos Santana – They’re Legendary Musicians

    1. I grew up without knowing the name of the artist, I didn’t know it was Lionel Richie until High School! lol But once I hear the tune, most probably I knew it from my father’s music collections. I probably heard that too, my father came from a family of singers. Luckily, I inherit that talent. I would love to post my future singing videos here soon. So far, I don’t have any yet! 😀 So, until that day we all have to wait! lol

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