This reminds me of St. Helen who found the cross of Jesus ages ago and was said to distribute the pieces of the historical and holy pieces of Christian history to different places such as Jerusalem (Israel), Rome (Italy), and Constantinople (Turkey) which is now known as Istanbul.  Yet, I think it will have to go through more researches if that is even real piece of Jesus’ cross that would also attract Christian pilgrims to Turkey for that matter.

Turkey is an amazing place, I have only been to few cities of it like Marmaris, Alanya, and Antalya when I was cruising Mediterranean but they have so much more to offer.  Those spots are the cruising and beach popular spots of the country.  Provided that the claims of the archeologists were true, not only leisure travelers the country can magnet from this but much more, the pilgrims.

Jesus is such a huge icon in Christianity, whether religious sectors, pilgrims, devotees, or theologians flocking to Turkey to witness a ‘piece’ of Jesus’ Cross it something that a lot of people will travel for.

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