(The Eagle Room)

You think I’m crazy writing this? Think again. There is really a crazy house in Da Lat, Vietnam. Yes, they call it crazy house because of the crazy architecture. I don’t think it is crazy at all, I find it cool. Crazy House is the former Vietnam’s president’s daughter Hang Nga’s work which is actually a hotel. See, backpackers can enjoy and be crazy in a simple way here before experiencing a real crazy fun ideas like natural Mui Ne activities.

(Crazy House)

(A cute tiny house in the garden)

Everyone can stay in the crazy house to whatever themed room one would prefer (the price varies), the place is always said to be like the Grimm’s Brothers’ fairytale description of houses we normally see in the fantasy movies or children’s books illustrations.

(View from the top of the Crazy House)

(Did you imagine it is this crazy?)

Crazy House is fun! It is like being transported to the fairytale stories that was read to us back then or we watched and being there just felt like you are finally experiencing the part that we thought only lives in our imagination when we were kids. At first, there was nothing much to see going to a crazy house like this but be ready to go back to your childhood memories when you enter the vicinity.


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2 thoughts on “Crazy House Isn’t Really Crazy At All

  1. I am so staying there if/when I go to Vietnam. Accommodation + strange tourist attraction in one – what’s not to like?

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