What do you think will win this battle? Cork Wedge Shoes VS Stilettos. After the reign of Stilettos(although its still reigning), we are all waiting what’s next. Certainly, its not fading… Its classy look always win the heart of every fashionistas out there. The height it brings helps women to do their tricks to look great on their outfit.

Cork Wedge Shoes VS Stilettos

Wedges on the other hand, also gives height and a casual look. Although, can also look classy depends on the design and style of your cork wedge shoes. Why did I specify cork? Because wedges are sometimes heavy due to the style, and cork material is light. Also, its not slippery and doesn’t give you the feeling that you have to balance yourself every seconds. This is highly recommended for plus sizes women, than stilettos.

Cork Wedge Shoes won on Fashion Score as for style, comfort, price, although I think Stilettos still is the Queen of shoes. No matter how uncomfortable, or pricey it is, its still won the real Fashion world. Simply because of the versatility of the design, as well as the popularity. How about you? What’s your choice?

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