(Closer look of the bed)

I think I’m blessed to find BedBunkers Hostel online hey,  I didn’t have credit card to book a bed with them. I messaged them through Facebook instead, send them an email, and they reserved a bed for me.

The hostel is new, looks cool for me, and they are still under renovation, but I love them!  I heard my friends complained about everything and I could not blame them because somehow it’s true, but the fact that they just opened and the rate is promotional, their staff, the owner (Echa and Jeff) were so accommodating and awesome! That covers all I can complain about, how can I complain when I owe Jeff, Echa, and their staff my first taste of Indonesian food? What about Ozhie’s (BedBunker’s Staff)motorbike ride looking for the gang or getting myself some food? Priceless.

(BedBunkers’ Entrance)

I love the idea of their 3-layered bunkbeds, although I would not want to be at the top most bed because I pee a lot (that means I have to climb up and down many times to do it) I stayed at the top most left part just because I slept all day on my first day when they were about to move me to a lower bed, my fault.

(Yes, at the top most left I lived that’s why the gang called me ‘monkey’ hahaha!)

And oh, I did not mentioned to Echa and Jeff that as soon as I arrived there, I had a deja vu.  I dreamt years ago, probably 3 or 4 years back that I was staying in a brick walled place and hanging out with people from all over the world (that was even before I started backpacking solo), I have lots of deja vu moments traveling and I find it cool!

(This is my deja vu spot)

BedBunker Hostel’s just dorms, mixed and female dorms.  They have the basics I want:

  • Clean Bunkbeds
  • Air Conditioners
  • Hot & Cold Showers
  • WiFi
  • Friendly Staff (200% they are!)

and a lot more…  You can check out BedBunkers Hostel‘s website for more details or you could LIKE their Facebook Page!  Matching the coolest hostel in Bali, the owners, Echa and Jeff are the youngest, hippest, and coolest hostel owners I’ve ever met.  They’re having promotions every now and then, keep your eyes on their coolest deals. So, if you need anything, their staff are always willing to help. I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, I love BedBunkers and will stay there again when I’m back! See you there again people!


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