jamie_oliver_money_saving_meals(Check out the website for more videos at: http://www.jamieoliver.com/savewithjamie/)

Whenever we travel to somewhat expensive places, we always tend to try and make our belts tighter whether if its a budget challenge or just simply trying to extend the trip.  What do you normally do to cut cost in an expensive place?

  • Stay in a budget accommodation (dorm rooms, fan room, couchsurf, etc.)
  • Walk, walk, and walk
  • Eat local street food
  • Shop for bargain groceries at the convenient grocery shops
  • Cook something cheap and share it with other travelers(if your hostel lets you)

Cooking On The  Road In a Budget

Some accommodations lets you cook, providing you with a kitchenette, or a common kitchen, or maybe you have your camp/hike portable cooking stuff with you.  Whenever there’s an opportunity to cook (if you’re even interested), it’s always another way to save money.  You’re social skills (if you’ve been on the road for quite sometime, you know this works) having to hang out with more travelers in your accommodation that will chip in on this money saving mission. It’s also a great bonding moment, while trying to avoid another food poisoning.

What I want to share you is that my favorite chef Jamie Oliver has a new show called “Money Saving Meals” that helps people NOT to waste a lot of food from their fridge or simply to eat like royals even on a budget.  That doesn’t mean, people on the road can’t make anything out of it too.  So, here’s one video that can help us save money cooking on the road.  For sure, you’re host (couch surfing) would really appreciate your cooking and your new found friends would have something to look forward to.

Money Saving Meals by Jamie Oliver



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