Ms. Universe ‘Rains’ Controversy

Certainly the Ms. Universe pageant has been having a great controversial reviews lately.  From the nude body paint controversy to the seemingly Ms. Perfect Philippines during the question and answer portion.

Ms. Philippines, Venus Raj, has landed her spot as one of  the Top 5 finalist at the Ms. Universe Pageant.  People all over the world are expect her to win a crown whatever the place is, so everyone’s eyes are on her at the question and answer moment.

Philippines’ Major, Major Laugh Lines

Back here at her home country Philippines, her “Major, major” dialogue has become a part of everyone’s sentences.  I, on the other hand analizing her answer, thought too that she seemed perfect for her answer.  However, from the video above she is not alone.  Let alone the pressure that all eyes are on you.

Ms. Philippines Overshadowed Ms. Mexico

Looking at the bright side, she has won 5th against the other contestants.  She is just 22 years old and under pressure.  Plus the fact that, did you noticed that the reigning Ms. Universe- Ms. Mexico was over shadowed by her fame for that matter?!  I reckon for that, she is more than a winner 🙂 .Well, I guess she deserve the stage better hey!  I’m still proud of Ms. Philippines.

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