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Color Your Hair for Less

Color Your Hair for Less

Haircolors are always cool and fashionable whenever it’s done right.  Hair is our crowning glory whether for men or women, it always make a different look whatever we do in our hair.  Often, to create different look we choose the best hairstyle that will fit our personality.

Color Your Hair for Less

Coloring your hair will make a big difference to your look.  Often, we see this reality modeling shows that started with make-overs to transform them from their regular look to a supermodel look. Dying your hair always make a real transformation.

There are easy way to color your hair.  You can visit your favorite salon and let the experts do the job.  Yes, it will look amazing and perfect because the experts did it for you. Yet, you could easily do it yourself and save some money if you know how to do it properly.  It isn’t hard anyway, specially you just want a plain color like all red, blonde, or brunette.  The tricky coloring to do, is that if you want highlights.

How to Highlight Your Hair at Home

Still, there are easy way to do it.  There are available highlighting headcaps everywhere that is really cheap and re-usable or if there’s none you can easily improvise one.

  1. It is just a plastic head cap that is tight-fitting to your head with little holes everywhere.
  2. The holes is where you should take few hair strands out with knitting tool or simply the tip of your pointed handle comb.
  3. Make sure to get enough hair strands out to make your highlights more visible.
  4. Then apply evenly the hair color on the hair strands.  Put a bit more like it is quite gooey for stronger color.
  5. After applying hair color to every strands on the head cap, leave it 2 hours at least to have vibrant color.
  6. After 2 hours, check if you are satisfied with the color. Wash a few strands and if you want to make it appear more vibrant, leave it longer.
  7. Take off the head cap and wash your hair with conditioner and rinse.  Dry it carefully and gently with towel.
  8. Let it dry.  Then you can see the difference, your home-made make over!

The procedure I shared with you is from the salon I tried back home.  When I saw them to do that, I tried doing it at home and I get the same results every time.  Well, sometimes better because I know what I want on my hair!  Although I have asked several question from the shop where I got the head cap and hair color about the possible effects and how to do it right.

(Images from Hothair.com)

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