Why didn’t I have photos of Sky Garden? Shucks! That’s a shame.  It was Ben and Sabong’s last night in Bali, so both want to have a party.  Since I’m always away in the morning the gang met new friends from the hostel and when I came back from surfing, everyone’s all dressed up for the club.

(Sky Garden’s Dance Floor; Image from: jakarta100bars.com)

Sabong told me, “You’re coming too!” while watching Facebook photos at Zulk’s laptop as soon I came.  When Ben called them and asked if they will wait for the guys I know they’re referring to me, I didn’t want to delay them so I told them I’ll follow after I shower.

Soon enough I’m in Sky Garden.  The guards have to ask for my passport, they thought I’m a local (locals are not allowed to get inside for some reason), they gave me the VIP pass as soon as they saw saw my passport.  Free entrance, VIP pass for backpackers! I was just looking for my friends, I told them and if they’re not in there I’m heading out.

Luckily, they’re there and maybe it was not lucky because they’re out of this world already when I arrived.  Free flow of alcohol for ladies from 9-10.30pm, so obviously they were all drunk by the time I arrived. I saw Sabong at the food cocktail table eating Watermelons, when I approached her she brought me to the dance floor and showed the guys my presence.  She went to get a glass of drink for me, which I never finished (I drank only half of it but it burned my gut for days!), Sabong left me there after that.

The drunk Zulk and Ben tried to get me dance on the dance floor, I was not in the mood to for some reason (Nicky, you have better convincing powers that you guys got me, Doug and Leizel dancing in Krabi!LOL).  I stood there thinking, “Why the hell did I not go there with them? Now, we’re not in the same world!”. It was crazy,  Ben was super drunk and did not even remember he said that night or maybe he did, he was just embarrassed to admit it the next day! LOL

Then someone waved his hand in front of me, like trying to wake me up from day dreaming.  When I turned, it was this cute dude who wanted to have a nice convo with me.  I’ll call him J, he seems nice and he’s cute (oh well, he’s Brazilian so no wonder where the looks from hey?) he turned me off when he asked me to get a drink for him since I have the privilege of free drinks.  I got one for him anyway, then we talked… Oh wait no, he talked, and then I went home.  He was nice enough to walk me to my hostel even if it takes forever to walk from the bar to my hostel.  J invited me to ride around motorbike next morning, I turned it down for Team Jamie‘s reunion and I think I had enough of a guy that talks tooooooooo much, too much that I can’t even talk.  It was not a convo, it was his monologue.

Well, for backpackers who will stop by Bali, your stay will not be complete if you have not experience a night out in ‘Sky Garden’. You gotta check it out!

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