(Kayakers enjoying at CME)

Are you a backpacker caught in Manila?  I know there are not much to see in Manila just like any other places in the country but that does not mean there’s nothing.  Aside from Mall of Asia’s sunset and fireworks watching at the bay view and ice skating, you can also spend your summer with one of the coolest place to go in Manila, where? Club Manila East the place!

(Surfing in CME’s wave pool)

Club Manila East has an entrance fee of Php 350 ($7 USD) for whole day, and I guess they have lesser fee for those who are arriving 2 hours before  closing.  It is not as cool as Splash Island in Laguna but it offers cool new features like kayaking, twister slide (this slide is not cool, several people did not really slide without pushing themselves to the end), wave pool, children’s pool and cliff diving (uhm… just a fake cliff, the closest I can get to release frustrations of not cliff diving in Railey due to low tide when we were there).

(Zip line)

(Cliff diving area)

Club Manila East offers zip line for a fee of Php 160 pesos ($3-4).  Also, a 2 hour surf session for Php 1500 ($36)with coach, surf board rental and entrance fee inclusive or Php 1000 ($24) with surf board rental and entrance fee but without coach.  Bringing your food inside is not allowed but there are fast food inside such as Chowking, Jollibee, and Shakeys.  Drinks are outrageously expensive there though, double the real price. It was a whole day of  fun experience and a good change in Manila.

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