As a request from a reader that is interested with ClixGalore, I would now write my own review of the Affiliate Program. I am young at blogging, but it didn’t stop me to dream of a great blog that honestly, I want to make money with.

The freedom of what program you want to choose whatever your reasons are like; theme, commission, payment (per sale/lead/referrals) is amazing. They have hundreds of Merchant members that are amazingly offering opportunities to make money for every blogger that’s interested to make money out of their blog.

I tried several Affiliate Programs out there that is really great like Bidvertiser, Adsense, Amazon, and a lot more…but there are also Affiliates that are not. I recommend ClixGalore due to the following reasons…

  • ClixGalore Undiscriminating Affiliate Program accepting bloggers and website owners that aren’t from Western Countries (I’m from Philippines,by the way).
  • ClixGalore is an Affiliate of List of Affiliate Programs from different categories(45 Categories Available).
  • They accept accounts not just from Paypal.
  • You can choose Affiliate Program to use related on your blog or website without jeopardising your theme.
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