It has been always a challenge for me to get a pretty nice dress being a shorty when I attend weddings, let alone being one of the bridesmaids.  I thought browsing online should give me an idea on how to get a dress according to my height.

It’s tough being short but I don’t want to be short in the fashion and classy strutting category.  Here are my choices…


Classic White V-Neck

This is my favorite among the three,  the V-Neck twist makes a dramatic look that matched well to its classy white color that can easily be accentuated with simple accessories such as gold or brown leather belt or an exotic necklace.  A simple piece that you can work around with your creativity and passion of accessories like I have.  This dress costs $89.99.

Princess Dress

A very old shool kind of dress yet, its simplicity exudes beauty and style.  On this dress, accessories will truly stand out if you find the right accent that will compliment the color of the dress as well which I  love.  Gold accessories will stand out with this dress that costs $361.92.

Lacy Daisy

I am not a lacy dress kind of girl, yet this dress caught my attention and made me want to wear this dress.  The elegance and chic-ness of this dress grabbed me that I can appear with a character on this dress, imagining a walk on the Hollywood red carpet.

All these beautiful dress are amazing, and will let you find your dress that fits your personality.  Check out you Classy Bridesmaid Dresses now.


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